Our Farm Fresh Meats

Grass Fed Beef

At Brookvale Pines Farm our cattle are out and about grazing as soon as the grass is tall enough in the spring.  During the cold months they are in the winter pasture where they are fed hay and have access to shelter and heated water. 

Our cattle are growth hormone and antibiotic free; we believe you are what you eat, and that goes for the animals as well.  On pasture, cattle naturally fertilize and harvest their own food.  Our cattle graze on grass that is grown without herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.  Grass is the natural food for cattle, not grain.

We encourage you to come and visit the farm and check out the animals and see for yourself.  We feel it is important to know where and how your food was raised.  Buy local and you will have a better idea of what you are eating.

The cattle's health is checked daily and all beef is processed at a USDA approved facility. We offer frozen, vacuum sealed USDA inspected beef in and assortment of cuts:


Farm Fresh Chicken

Brookvale Pines Farm offers a large selection of frozen chicken from our pastured poultry. Meat birds are raised in the summer when they can move freely and feed on the grass. They are moved daily in their chicken tractors to a fresh patch of grass, which helps to supplement their regular diet of non-GMO grain.

They are also extremely beneficial for fertilizing the pastures.Being out in the fresh air and green grass adds flavor to the meat that the industrial farming model just can not duplicate.

Our chickens are antibiotic FREE. All meat is processed on the farm under our control. Frozen whole chickens and parts are available in our store.


Farm Fresh Pork


At Brookvale Pines Farm our pigs are not just for food, they are used for reclaiming overgrown areas with their rototiller noses. While pastured, our pigs are offered free choice Non-GMO feed and fresh garden scraps to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition. They are also free range and allowed to feed on grass. 

All pork products are processed at a USDA approved facility.We offer frozen, vacuum sealed USDA inspected pork in an assortment of cuts: